Welcome to the White Horse Workshop. My name is Elaine. I’m a mom, wife, artist, digital marketing strategist, social media consultant, and outdoor enthusiast. I grew up in Montana and a 10 year hiatus in Boston, I moved back to Bozeman with my little family in 2014.

White Horse Workshop is my space to play, create, experiment, and screw up code without being fired (hopefully). My goal is to inspire and connect you to other creatives living and working in the mountain west… and maybe have a few laughs while we’re at it. This blog is a work in progress so you’ll probably notice some changes from time to time. At the heart, it is a digital workshop… a space for us all to discover and develop.

Before starting this blog, I spent almost 5 years working Style Me Pretty. If you’ve discovered my little blog via SMP, thank you for stopping by. While my wedding/bridal/party days are behind me, hop on over to pinterest, as I still do have a thing for celebration inspiration.

Elaine Uehlein

Above photo by Mark Cluney | Profile photo by Kacie Q Photography

Frequently Asked Questions:

Uhm, I’m confused…. What is this blog all about????
- I’ll try to be brief (fortunately for you I prefer talking to typing so we have a chance!). Just like you, I have a few interests. This my space to share those passions with other small business owners while also serving as a platform to dabble in art and design. You’re likely find lots of Montana related content, design inspiration, profiles of fellow creatives, product round ups, as well as a few internet tips and tricks that I’ve picked up along the way.

Oookay, so what WON’T I find????
- Proper spelling or correct grammar.

- General internet abuse, including, but not limited to: insulting content,  hateful comments, or anything else I consider disruptive or irrelevant to the conversations held in this space (see my full terms and conditions here).

Do you ever do Social Media Consulting?
- You bet. Click here.

You’re nice and all, but do you know anyone else that does marketing/graphic design/consulting?
- Why yes!!! Don’t worry, I won’t be offended if you click here