Montana Artist – Kara Tripp

I first came across Kara Tripp’s work through the Emerson (always a great spot to discover talented local artists). Kara’s paintings have the most amazing textures and colors. She primarily uses a palette knife to create her pieces. The results are absolutely beautiful… and so Montana.

Kara Tripp
“Autumn Promenade”

Kara Tripp
“Mountain High”

Kara Tripp
“Hotel Baxter”

Kara Tripp
“New Addition”

|| All Paintings by Kara Tripp ||

Neon Rainbow

Growing up in Livingston Montana I have a special appreciation for all things neon. The signs not only beckon to weary travelers and eager bar-goes, but they scream to be photographed, painted, and admired. So, for our viewing pleasure some nouveau neon as well as a touch of the old fashioned 70′s styled stuff (my personal favorite).


|| Image: Weekdaycarnival ||


|| Image: Excisions ||

|| Sign: MarcusConradPoston ||

mars neon

|| Image: Serial Thriller ||

murray bar

|| Image: John Whalen ||


|| Sketch: Me ||

Finally, no ode to neon would be complete without the musical stylings of Mr. Alan Jackson.

Music Monday – Kiesza

Given the amount I play this tune, I’m well on the way to ruining it for myself. Until then I will dance and my guess is… you will too.

Now, if I lived in opposite world (which compared to Brooklyn NY, I think I probably do) I’d set up a Kiesza impersonator club and start each day with a faux hawk and acid wash. Alas, until that day arrives, my 90′s loving heart, will do the next best thing and try and capture a little Kiesza style right here on the internet.


|| 1: DIY Faux Hawk Tutorial via Twist Me Pretty, Keisza image here || 2: House of Harlow Station Leather Necklace via ShopBop || 3: Ridley High Waist Ultra Skinny Jeans via ASOS || 4: Skirmisher Font by Iconian Fonts via || 5: Big Yellow Taxi Button via Etsy (ahem, thanks Joni Mitchell for that gem!) || 6: Boom Box Crew Neck via Etsy || 7: Keeping it Real is a Full Time Job Graffiti via  || 8: Adidas Top Ten Cities Pack Sneaker via Karmaloop ||

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to running man my way through the next load of laundry.

Friday Favorites

After a week of work I usually arrive at Friday afternoon with a long list of pins, notes, and emails of sites I loved, inspiration I don’t want to forget, and images still spinning in my brain. Nothing like a little roundup to wind down to the weekend.

Dear Lindsay Letters, I would like this print tattooed (in reverse) on my forehead…

be true


I’m hooked on every inch of this Pretty Things teaser from Unicorn Picnic. 1. The women are the definition of bad ass 2. The music is amazing. 3. The into is genius. I watched the intro about 100 times. What’s not to love about Unicorn flatulence?!?!?

Unicorn Picnic | Pretty Faces Teaser from Unicorn Picnic Productions on Vimeo.

Happy Friday! Enjoy.


Small Business Social Media – A Good Place Start


|| Vintage Ad via Flickr ||

While my blog is a small, personal endeavor, I was fortunate to spend several years working for Style Me Pretty, a serious social media machine. Since then I’ve been fascinated and, truth be told, a little overwhelmed by the whole virtual circus. When talking with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and even friends, the biggest hurdle is always where to get going. When it comes to building your social media presence, the possibilities are endless, but fortunately they also offer a great chance to start small… and fairly inconspicuously (phew).

If you wanted to cook more but you’re barely comfortable making pasta, you probably don’t kick things off by attempting Beef Wellington. The same is true with social media. Start with a few ingredients, create things you like, and know you’ll get comfortable with patience and practice.

I personally think Twitter is a good place to get your feet wet. Think of it as scrambled eggs of social media. (Bird pun not intended). While Twitter can take some time to get the hang of, here are a few reasons it’s a nice place to begin your foray into the online conversation.

1. It’s easy to create and edit your account.

Add some details about your company and your url… yes, you can edit this later. Make sure to think about who manages the account? Is it you? A coworker? If it’s someone else, I recommend being very clear from the get go about keeping the conversation work appropriate (i.e. a link to Miley Cyrus’s new video might be off limits).

2. It’s easy to watch how the experts do it.

Follow others. Click the “discover” link at the top of the page to start exploring. Visit your competitors accounts (if they have them) and see what they’re sharing.

3. It’s easy to start tweeting.

Start by sharing articles to relevant content (from your site as well as others’). Retweet posts and reply to people you follow. Just start the conversation and don’t stress too much about making sure you’ve crafted a positively perfect tweet.

*** A very important note, Twitter can also be a hot spot for spam, be very careful clicking on links sent by suspicious users and direct messages. ***

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive Twitter how to check out these links:
- 31 Twitter Tips: How To Use Twitter Tools And Twitter Best Practices For Business
- Getting started with Twitter

Are you a small business owner gearing up to try social media? What other sites have you tried? Likes/dislikes? If you’re not a networking newbie, what’s your advice? What’s your media of choice?