Modern Fish Inspired Designs

Confession, I’m probably 1 of 10 people in Montana that doesn’t fly fish. I’m totally on board with the whole quiet-solitude-in-the-great-outdoors part… but it’s just never been my go-to sport. Growing up, my dad and brothers fished. I rode horses (thankfully I wasn’t totally deprived of western hobbies). So I put flyfishing into that maybe-one-day folder. Maybe when I’m older. Maybe when I have more time. Maybe when I’m retired. Maybe not. So in the meantime… I’m here with a slightly different angle (sorry) on some aquatic inspiration.

1. Cole & Son Acquario wallcovering by Fornasetti via Design*Sponge

fish wallpaper

2. Candlefish logo via Fuzzco

candlefish branding by fuzzco

3. La Dorada Branding by Bunker 3002 Design Studio and La Conceptualist via Behance

la dorada branding via behance

4. Illustrated Business Cards by Harrison C Lemire via Behance

Harrison C Lemire Business cards

5. Vintage Kaarina Aho Fish Platter via Etsy

platter via etsy

6. Mini Rodini Fish Skirt via Chic-oholic Kids. And before you start sending hate mail about the price… no it’s not is USD.

fish skirt

7. Fish and Dots Wallpaper by The Make House

Fish and Dots Wallpaper

8. Fish by Izzy Matthews

modern fish print

Spring on the Black and White

Whether it’s Easter, spring cleaning, or a baby shower on your radar, chances are you’ve taken to the good ol’ world wide web in search of inspiration. No doubt you’ve uncovered a plethora of pastels… but if this spring has you feeling a bit more moody (New Yorker and Bostonians, am I right?!?!) then here are 5 reasons to knock pastel off its perch this spring…

1. Easter is edgier:

marbled easter eggs by hello natural

|| DIY via Hello Natural ||

bunny iphone case from etsy

|| iphone case by The Small Print Cases via Etsy ||

rocking sheep from smallable

|| Rocking Sheep via Smallable ||


2. Can’t go wrong in gingham:

gingham dress

|| Image via A Stitch in Mind ||

Full disclosure, since I’m not 20 and don’t live in LA, the above look is a bit more aspirational. This flowy piece ↓ is a little more my speed. 3 Cheers for anything that does with jeans!

nordstrom - joie gingham shirt

|| Joie shirt via Nordstrom ||


3. Insects are always in fashion:

beetle photograph via House of Ideas

|| Image via House of Ideas ||

butterfly prints

|| Prints via Cool Republic || *similar versions available from Natural Curiosities* ||

bug print by Josh Polan

|| Print by Jason Polan via 20×200 ||


4. Because You Can:

kal barteski script

|| Script by Kal Barteski via Crated ||


5. It’s Just Cheekier:

booty two by kate roebuck

|| Original Artwork by Kate Roebuck via Bowerbird Collective ||